In the past few years, sales of online scratchcards have increased tenfold. These exciting instant win games give players the ultimate quick fix and there are now entire websites that are dedicated towards them. Scratchcards are also commonly known as Scratchies. Since they first started appearing online, they have been extremely popular with players.

Similar to real life, all you have to do is purchase your scratchcard, then rub off the front panel to reveal a possible prize. There are hundreds of different themes and players generally don’t have to download any software from the internet just to purchase one.

These games can be played instantly as soon as you have purchased one. Many developers have even created software that sees a virtual coin rub off the front panel for you in a scratching motion.

Instead of having to leave your house and go down to your nearest lotto store, you can now purchase your scratchcards online. Some of these scratchcards are what you can find at high street shops, but many are from independent software companies and offer completely different and unique games that you can’t find at a land based shop that sells scratchies.

Many of these scratchcards have extremely large jackpots and they can cost anywhere from as little as $1.00 up to $5.00 or more. There is no limit to how many you can purchase, just make sure that you have enough money in your online account to buy them.

The rules are fairly standard, with whichever scratchie you have purchased. The idea is to try and get a certain amount of matching symbols. It’s that simple. Sometimes these symbols must appear in a certain order for you to win, but there are no rules that you need to know in order to purchase a scratchie. There are also no strategies that you can apply to these instant win games.

All you have to do is buy a card and then hope that it’s the winning one. Any winnings will be instantly added to your balance and you can then purchase another one instantly. Scratchcards are ideal for people who prefer not to sit down for ages at a game and would rather play a quick game. They offer instant results and are affordable for almost every player. You will be able to choose the value of the card before purchasing it and occasionally it may have sound effects. The fun thing with scratchies today is that there are so many online to explore and they are now widely available.