Obviously for a player looking to win big from an online gambling portal, a fun money casino will be absolutely pointless. No real money can be won from a fun money casino so why would someone who is looking to win real cash even bother playing in this mode?

However, if you really enjoy a certain casino game and you have no money in your account, or you find that playing in the real money mode is too risky, launching a fun money casino is the ideal option. This will allow you to play one or more of your favourite casino games and you won’t ever lose a penny.

When you put real money casinos vs. fun money casinos, there is no real comparison apart from the games. If you consider yourself more of a real money player, you won’t ever need to visit a fun money casino and vice versa, if you don’t dare risk your own cash you won’t be visiting a real money casino.  

The argument is fair on both sides, so trying to figure out which one is better is impossible. Only you can decide which one you think is better, but for most hardcore gamblers they will obviously say that a real money casino is by far the better choice. They are both great for playing on games that you love and they are both now widely available. Almost every online casino that you sign up today will give you the option of launching a game in the free play mode or in the real cash mode.

When you sign up for the first time, you will usually be given what are called fun chips (or play money). This could be anywhere from 500 chips up to 2000 chips and when you have run out, they will either automatically top you up or you may have to contact the support to ask for some more.

Fun money casinos are perfect as well for players who want to learn how to play a game without risking their own bankroll. Some games such as craps or various card games may seem quite confusing for players who have never played them before, so being able to launch the game in this fun mode is ideal for new players.

This mode will allow you to grasp the basics of the rules and you will be able to figure out your own strategy without ever having to risk any real money. It’s actually quite rare today to land on an online casino that doesn’t provide you with fun chips and most new players seem to enjoy having this option available.