Withdrawing cash from your online casino account is just as simple as when you deposited cash for the first time, just in reverse. All you have to do is follow the on-screen instructions and the withdrawal process will begin. Players must note that most withdrawals take a minimum of 48 hours.

You cannot expect to receive your winnings instantly. You will however be able to start withdrawing immediately after winning, but the funds will take a while to arrive in either your e-wallet or bank account.  It doesn’t matter which online casino or other online gambling site you are trying to withdraw from, withdrawals take about the same amount of time at all of these websites.

Some wins generally need to be verified, especially the large ones. The time it takes to arrive in your personal bank account or e-wallet will also require typical business working days. Saturday’s and Sunday’s don’t count so if you are trying to take out your funds on a Friday afternoon, you could have to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday of the following week.

This can often be quite frustrating when you want to get your hands on your winnings but this is how it is. If you have received a mega-sized win (for example you have scooped a jackpot) the winnings could take even longer to arrive in your bank. Most of the reputable websites will contact you to offer you some kind of advice on how best to move these funds.

Our advice is to take whatever help you can get because you don’t want to lose any cash due to charges etc.  

To actually take the funds out of your casino account and move them to you bank or e-wallet, all you have to do is follow the instructions that appear on-screen each time you attempt to take funds out. Unless you change the withdrawal method, the instructions will be the same each and every time you make a withdrawal from then on.  

The first time you attempt to withdraw cash may seem a little confusing, but from then on everything should be plain sailing. These online payment solutions and gambling websites try to make it as easy as possible for players to process transactions. If you do experience any kind of technical issue while you are trying to get your hands on your cash, simply contact the customer support explaining your problem and they should be able to help you.