The first live dealer casino launched as recently as 2006 and since this first one became available, various others immediately started popping up. Most of today’s leading gambling portals now have Live Dealer casinos available for registered members only and to access them, most will require that you install a download client. Downloading this will grant you access to their interactive live dealer casino.

A live dealer casino is exactly what the title suggests. Players can log in to the casino lobby, but instead of the games being played over virtual tables with animated graphics, the games are actually played on real tables with real life croupiers dealing the cards. In addition to the real tables, there may also be a virtual area displaying the results on the screen in front of you, to make the cards more visible to the player.

You may also see plenty of other clickable in-play options displayed on the screen, similar to what you would normally find at most online casinos such as sound and quality settings, plus a cashier, help or support section. Upon launching a live dealer game, you should be able to hear the dealers talking to you in real-time and wishing you luck etc. There may also be a chat box as well, enabling you to interact with other players who may also be playing the same game or watching the same game as you.

If for example you are playing in a Live Dealer casino that is powered by either Playtech or Microgaming, whichever Playtech or Microgaming powered casino you are playing in, you will notice that the dealers will all be the same because they are both part of massive cross platform networks, each one powering various gambling portals around the world, not just one website.

The world’s most trusted live dealer casinos are broadcast from secure locations, providing you with professionally trained and experienced dealers. Many of the Live Dealer casinos are actually streamed to your operating system from locations in Ireland, where they are all fully licensed to do so. Players can even choose which dealer’s table they would like to visit. The majority of the dealers are glamorous, well-dressed women and they even come from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds.

These online casinos are perfectly secure and they also provide other games in their lobbies (not just live dealer games) such as slots, video pokers, arcade games, scratchies and much more. If you are looking to experience the best of what modern online casinos have to offer, live dealers casinos are certainly one of the best ways to do this.

They are about as close as you can get to a real life casino without actually having to go to a real land based casino. Live dealer casinos are extremely convenient and are well worth checking out if you have never experienced one before.