A registered member of a leading online casino in the United Kingdom has just recently become the largest ever UK winner of an online progressive jackpot game. The lucky player from Scotland scooped a remarkable pot of £5.1 million which had been climbing for months.

The thing that makes this story more unique is that the man who wishes to remain anonymous was actually woken from his sleep because of a next door neighbour’s barking dog. Once he was fully awake, he then decided to login to BetFred casino, which is a playtech powered UK online casino.

He started out by just having a few spins only to instantly get lucky and win approximately £250 on another video slot. He then decided to see how much further his luck would take him by using these winnings on a progressive jackpot slot. Beach Life had the largest slot so he launched this one.

Beach Life is quite a basic looking slot that has 5 reels and 20 winning paylines and it has a summery theme.  It was the attractive prize that appealed to him and probably not the theme.

Within five minutes of playing on this slot, he couldn’t believe his luck. Five of the jackpot symbols appeared across one of the paylines which instantly awarded him with the jackpot prize. The jackpot symbols are the sun symbols and they happened to align for him at the right time.

This win became instantly recognised as the third largest ever win from an online slot machine in the world. He was flown the next day to see the owner of the leading online casino and was presented with his a huge check of his winnings.

The jackpot was then instantly reset to its starting amount and it will continue to climb again until another player is lucky enough to scoop it.