Online casinos tend to look after all of their registered members that play in the real cash mode, but especially those players that spend larger quantities of cash compared with the average punter. Rich players are known around the world as high rollers, and those who cannot afford to spend large sums of cash are known as lowrollers.

High rollers generally receive similar promotional offers to lowrollers, it's just they receive larger amounts of bonus cash to correspond with the large amounts of cash that they spend within the casino. Upon signing up to an online casino, high rollers are encouraged to spend a minimum of $500 on their first ever deposit and they will usually receive this amount back in welcome bonus cash. It could even be that to qualify as a high roller, the minimum deposit amount may be as much as $1000. This exact amount varies at each online casino.

High rollers are also generally given free entrance to certain tournaments that are taking place, whereas lowrollers won’t be able to access these types of tourneys. High rollers are also likely to be awarded a much higher VIP level to start with and will therefore instantly benefit from certain exclusive benefits such as a personal accounts manager, faster deposits and withdrawals and they will no doubt be able to earn more loyalty points than most regular players when placing real money bets.

High rollers are well looked after by the casino operators because obviously they are exceptionally valued customers. If you notice, many of the games now have very high wagering limits, which most average players will never be able to afford. When you are setting the table limits before you launch a game you will see that some slots allow for up to $500 to $1000 for just one spin of the reels. It’s hard for many players to imagine the wealth that some highrollers must have, but these wide betting ranges should give you some idea.

Almost every online casino today has one or more promotional offers aimed towards their highroller members and there has never been a better time than now for high rollers to sign up with an online casino, because the offers are quite simply fantastic. If you consider yourself a highroller, don’t sign up to an online casino that isn’t going to reward you for spending large sums of your money in their casino. Only look for those online casinos that do look after highrollers.