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NETELLER is giving away daily cash prizes until the end of June 2013 and there's still US$35,000 up for grabs. The total prize money is $50,000 and this is only available for registered NETELLER members. Although $50,000 is the total prize pool that can be won by various different NETELLER users throughout the month, there is nothing stopping one single player from winning the entire $50,000.

Each day, $100 is being awarded to one registered member. On June 9th, NETELLER also awarded one person an additional $2,200. On June 16th, an additional $10,000 was awarded to one other lucky person and this means that there are still two more huge prizes up for grabs.

On June 23rd, NETELLER will be awarding their third biggest cash prize of the month, which will be worth $15,000 and the final 'big' prize will be awarded on July 1st. This 'big one' will be worth a massive $20,000. Don't forget that the $100 prizes are also being awarded on the same day as these huge cash prizes are being awarded.

If you happen to win one of these much larger prizes, NETELLER will let you choose between taking the money or exchanging the cash for a luxury real-world prize. For example, the $2,200 prize on June 9th could have been exchanged for a shopping spree. The $10,000 prize could have been exchanged for all the latest tech toys. The $15,000 prize can be exchanged for an exclusive vacation and the winner of the $20,000 will be able to exchange the cash prize for a brand new car.

There's still time to enter into this fantastic promotional offer, but hurry because time is running out. First you will need to sign up for a NETELLER account if you don't already have one. Then visit the 'rewards' page in your NETELLER account so that you can register. The next step is to transact with your NETELLER account or your Net+ Prepaid MasterCard for automatic entries into the weekly prize draws.

10 entries are being awarded for every $1,000 transferred to any NETELLER merchant. 10 entries are also being awarded for every $150 deposited into your NETELLER account. Earn 1 entry for every friend that you successfully refer and earn 1 entry for each of the NETELLER 'showcase merchants' that you use.

You can also earn 1 entry each time you use your Net+ Prepaid MasterCard and also 1 entry just for applying /downloading the Net+ Virtual or Physical card. You will automatically be entered into the daily $100 prize draw just for using your Net+ cards. You can visit the Daily Draw page every day to see if you have won a prize or not.