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Online slot tournaments frequently take place at All Slots Casino and they also host the occasional Blackjack tournament with plenty of prizes available. The vast majority of these tourneys have an entrance fee, but they also host the odd freeroll tourney and most of the freeroll tournaments have actual cash prizes that players can win.

Depending on which time of the day you are logged in to the All Slots Casino, you should be able to find some kind of slot tourney to take part in. However if there are none available, you may have to wait a few hours or a day at most.

At the time of writing, the tournaments that are available to take part in now include the $1k ‘All Day’ survivor that has a $1,000 prize pool. The entrance fee for this one will cost you just $3.00. There is also the $1k ‘All Day’ Reloader with a $1,000 prize pool, but the buy-in costs slightly more, at $5.00.

THE ACCUMULATOR is a freeroll tournament that has a whopping $12,802 prize pool and can be entered now, plus the $2k Survivor ‘Q1’ is another freeroll that has a much smaller prize pool of $240, which is also open now.

The online slot tournament with the largest prize pool that players may also enter now is known as the $25k Monthly Monster. You will need to have $25 to take part in this tournament, but the prize pool is truly enormous.

There is a $2.00 buy-in tournament called the $150 ‘All Day’ One Shot, which has just a $150 pot and there is another freeroll tourney available with a generous $50 pot added by the casino called the ACCUMULATOR ‘Q1’.

The $2k ‘3-Day Survivor’ is currently running. This will cost you $8.00 to enter, but the prize pool is worth $2,000 and if you are looking for a Blackjack tourney, you will have to wait until Thursday afternoon when the $500 Blackjack Attack Final is scheduled to take place. The buy-in for this will cost $5.00 and the prize pool is $500.

To enter one of the All Slots online casino tournaments, you will need to first register an account and become a real cash player, which means you will also have to make a deposit. You will then need to install the perfectly secure microgaming download client and then just click on the tab labelled tournaments. This will bring up a complete listing of upcoming tournaments and details of their buy-in fees and prize pools.

Jackpot Party Casino is an online casino that is exclusively powered by WMS Gaming software. This innovative site is available only to UK based players and also to players from only a few other European countries. The best thing about this site is their progressive jackpot prize structure.

Basically, any player has a chance of winning one of the jackpots at any time and by playing with any stake. When you visit this state of the art online casino, you can view the current value of each jackpot that is up for grabs here. Each jackpot is rated by Stars.

The Zero Stars jackpot is currently worth £31.09 ($50.56). The One Star jackpot is worth £179.01 ($291.15). The Two Star jackpot is worth £580.10 ($943.50). The Three Star jackpot is worth £5,123.77 ($8,333.55) and the top jackpot, the Four Star jackpot, is worth £14,339.62 ($23,324.64).

Unlike most other slots where the jackpot is triggered when X amount of matching symbols align across one of the active paylines, the jackpots on these WMS Gaming slots can only be won from within the Jackpot Party Progressive Jackpot Bonus Feature. This is a simple but rewarding picking round which is randomly triggered. Players are guaranteed to win one of the previously mentioned progressive jackpot prize pools upon entering this bonus round.

Once this bonus feature has been triggered, you will instantly be transported away from the reels to start your picking. There are 30 gifts to choose from and they will contain either cash prizes, stars or the word ‘collect’. If you reveal the word collect, you will get to keep what prizes you have won and then you will be returned to the game to continue with regular play.

You can only advance to the next level of prizes if you are lucky enough to reveal a star while making your picks. This is by far one of the most exciting progressive jackpot networks available online today.

If you happen to win one of these progressive jackpots, your username will be displayed for all to see on either the WinStream™ board or on the leader board. If you register an account here, you should also check out the recently introduced ‘Life of Luxury’ progressive jackpot, which at the time of writing has climbed to £1,119.17 ($1,819.70) and is available to play for on certain selected games only. Unfortunately no US players can sign up to Jackpot Party Casino at the time of writing.

Whether you have run out of funds to play on your favourite game in the real cash mode or you just want to try out a game before you spend your own money on it, players can now launch a game in what is known as the free play mode. This particular mode is otherwise referred to as the practice mode, the demo mode, or the fun play mode.

Whatever the casino has called this mode, it is a fantastic solution that gives players the chance to learn a new game without the added risk of losing any cash. Almost every secure online casino today has a free play mode. The fun chips (or play money) will be stored in your account just as your real funds are and if you happen to lose them, they should automatically top up.

Some online casinos offer as many as 2000 fun chips, whereas others might just start you off with 500. Fun chips are great because you can play with a stake that you could probably normally not afford to play with using your own real bankroll. You can play on a slot in the fun play mode with 100.00 coins per spin and see what it’s like to win huge ‘pretend’ pots with these high stakes. Although the prizes are not real, it still gives you a little taste of the size of wins that can be won from placing unusually large wagers on any particular game.

If you find that you have run out of fun chips and they haven’t automatically been topped up, you may need to contact the support and ask them for some more. They should do this automatically for you. Alternatively if you have run out of fun chips, you may just need to sign out and then sign back in again.

Not all games will be available in the free play demo mode, but you can sample most online slots, video pokers, certain table and card games and various other games in this mode. Depending on which online casino you have signed up to will determine the types of games that are actually available in this mode.

Playing in this mode before you spend money in the real cash mode is definitely recommended. This will help you easily become accustomed to the game and its rules and you could even use this mode to try and figure out a strategy that you may then want to use in the real cash mode.

Players have often wondered how the outcomes are determined with online casino games and whether these outcomes are actually fair or not. The simple truth is that the results are generally as fair as can be. Online casino games such as slots, video pokers, dice games, poker games and other card games, in fact all online casino games’ outcomes are determined by these Random Number Generators (RNG’s). These ingenious programs produce mathematical algorithms that have no predictable pattern.

Each online casino today has one or more Random Number Generator (RNG) working to consistently produce random outcomes. The outcomes are based on each individual game’s return-to-player payout percentage rate. Although the results produced by these programs do not offer true randomness, the actual results that they do produce are as random as can be. All Random Number Generators must therefore be 100% reliable and frequently tested for fairness and to make sure that that they are actually working properly.

It is very rare to find online casinos using a faulty RNG or one that has been tampered with in some way, but it has been known to happen so if you ever spot something strange happening or you notice some kind of obvious pattern occurring, you should contact the casinos customer support to find out what is going on.

RNG’s are what keep the online gambling industry ticking over. They make sure that the results for each stake that you wager continue to be as fair as possible and the great thing for players is that the payout percentage rate for players is naturally much higher at an online gaming venue than it is in a land based gaming venue.

The results that RNG’s produce can be altered by the operator or software provider by 1% or 2% (or more or less) either in favour of the house or more in favour of the player. Players can always view the current payout percentage rate that a casino offers or the rate that an individual game has by checking the ‘Options’, ‘Help’ or ‘Game Info’ tab.

If an online casino is reluctant to reveal this information or they have manipulated the RNG in some way to produce unfavourable odds, you should stop spending your money with them because they will end up taking you to the cleaners and scamming you out of every penny you have.

Without an RNG determining the odds for each game, there would basically be no online gambling, because there is no other proven and reliable mathematical program that works in such a way that can consistently produce fair and realistic outcomes.