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There are certain rules and policies that players must be aware of before signing up to an online casino. Although these rules, terms and conditions or policies vary from one online casino to the next, they are almost identical but may just be worded slightly different.

One of the most common rules to an online casino is that each person is only allowed to open one real money account with that online casino. Only one household address per account is allowed at all online casinos, meaning that multiple accounts form the same address isn’t possible.

The online casino will also only allow one account per computer and one email address per account. Therefore you cannot open multiple accounts using the same personal information or identification.

The name on the account that you have registered with at any particular online casino should also match that of your registered payment method. For example, you can’t open an account and expect to use daddy’s credit card. The registered payment details must match the details that you have supplied about yourself, such as your name and address etc.

Depending on which country you reside in, you must be of legal age to gamble, which is usually 18 years old. If you are unsure about the legal gambling age, it will become apparent when you try to register for the first time, or you could contact the customer support and check with them. There are no reputable online casinos today that will allow a minor (younger than 18) to register a real money account with them.

If any taxes are applicable to your winnings, they are usually your sole responsibility, but it’s better to check with the support once again or read through the casinos terms and conditions section to learn more about this.

It is common practice that most winnings are subject to some kind of audit before they are paid out, which should take no longer than 48 hours. Also, if you have in some way breached the casinos rules to profit from their games, you could be refused your winnings. The worst case scenario is that if you are caught doing something that the casino doesn’t agree with, your account will be closed down.

A fully licensed online casino has the right to adjust and amend its rules at any time it pleases and without any kind of notice, but this generally doesn’t affect players. you can trust the integrity of most of today’s online casino operators not to scam you in any way. If you are playing in a licensed portal, you should never have anything to worry about. Just remember that everything you need to know can normally be found in either the T’s and C’s, Policies or House Rules section.

Online casinos tend to look after all of their registered members that play in the real cash mode, but especially those players that spend larger quantities of cash compared with the average punter. Rich players are known around the world as high rollers, and those who cannot afford to spend large sums of cash are known as lowrollers.

High rollers generally receive similar promotional offers to lowrollers, it's just they receive larger amounts of bonus cash to correspond with the large amounts of cash that they spend within the casino. Upon signing up to an online casino, high rollers are encouraged to spend a minimum of $500 on their first ever deposit and they will usually receive this amount back in welcome bonus cash. It could even be that to qualify as a high roller, the minimum deposit amount may be as much as $1000. This exact amount varies at each online casino.

High rollers are also generally given free entrance to certain tournaments that are taking place, whereas lowrollers won’t be able to access these types of tourneys. High rollers are also likely to be awarded a much higher VIP level to start with and will therefore instantly benefit from certain exclusive benefits such as a personal accounts manager, faster deposits and withdrawals and they will no doubt be able to earn more loyalty points than most regular players when placing real money bets.

High rollers are well looked after by the casino operators because obviously they are exceptionally valued customers. If you notice, many of the games now have very high wagering limits, which most average players will never be able to afford. When you are setting the table limits before you launch a game you will see that some slots allow for up to $500 to $1000 for just one spin of the reels. It’s hard for many players to imagine the wealth that some highrollers must have, but these wide betting ranges should give you some idea.

Almost every online casino today has one or more promotional offers aimed towards their highroller members and there has never been a better time than now for high rollers to sign up with an online casino, because the offers are quite simply fantastic. If you consider yourself a highroller, don’t sign up to an online casino that isn’t going to reward you for spending large sums of your money in their casino. Only look for those online casinos that do look after highrollers.

Online casinos today are packed with more than enough gaming content to whet the appetite of most gambling enthusiasts. Apart from just the traditional favourites, software providers have now developed various other games that give players the opportunity to win real cash. Some are based on old ideas, whereas others are brand new and have totally unique concepts.

The most common types of casino games that you can expect to find today include table games such as American roulette and European Roulette. 3D or Mini roulette may also be available, depending on which online casino you are visiting. You should also find table games like Craps and Sic Bo.

Online casinos also tend to offer various different cards games such as multiple versions of Blackjack, various different Online Poker varieties such as Pai Gow poker, Casino Hold'em, Caribbean Stud, Let ‘em Ride, Tequila poker and many more, plus Casino War and Baccarat are now also widely available.

There are multiple different versions of Video Poker, which include single hand and multi hand games. Look out for classic titles such as Jacks or Better, 10's or Better, All American, Joker Poker and Deuces Wild. These are all video games based on five card draw poker.

Whether the casino is downloadable or not, you should be able to find a decent selection of slots. Most online casinos offer both classic slots and video slots. The classic slots usually have just three reels, one winning payline and very few player controls whereas the video slots are more complex and feature additional reels and symbols such as scatters, wilds, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, bonus symbols and free spins symbols.

Video slots have become popular with players because of their constantly evolving graphics, their innovative and immersive bonus rounds (where players can win additional prizes), plus their huge jackpots and wide betting ranges that are suitable for most players.

Software companies continue to develop their own take on a specific games as well as creating new ones altogether. This is why players have so much choice today. Scratchcards and other lottery games such as Bingo and Keno are also now widely available.

Some online casinos have a Speciality Games, Side Games or Other Games section where you can generally find Fixed Odds games or Instant Win games such as Heads or Tails, Paper Scissor Stone or for example Darts. The basic principle and rules are the same with these additional games, but the titles may slightly vary from one online casino to another. Progressive Jackpot games are also a regular fixture at most of today's online casinos.

If this isn't enough for you, you may even be lucky enough to have a Live Dealer casino at the site you are registered with. These online casinos have actual croupiers dealing the cards to you which are streamed directly to your computer in real time from a secure location. Whichever online casino you visit today, you should be able to find plenty of likeable casino games.

Casino Hold'em is a game played against the house (the dealer). You can be sat on the same table as other players but you won't be playing against them. They will also be playing to beat the dealer just like you. This is the same as in a real life casino or when you are playing Casino Hold'em online at a flash casino, downloadable casino or via a Live Dealer Casino.

Learning the poker wins would be a good start. In fact, if you don't know any of the poker wins, how can you expect to place a sensible bet? The wins are simple and are as follows, starting from the lowest win and building up to the best possible winning hand: First of all you can win with a Straight or Lower - which usually includes a High Card, a Pair, Two Pair or Three of a Kind. This usually offers even money odds of 1:1.

Other wins include a Flush (2:1), a Full House (3:1), 4 of a kind (10:1), a Straight Flush (20:1) and the best win is a Royal Flush (100:1). The most important thing with Casino Hold'em is knowing when to throw down a hand. If your hole cards aren't the greatest, cut your losses and move on to the next hand because this game can work out quite expensive if you play every hand.

You will also have an AA side bet, which is optional and changes the odds when you select it. If you win a hand with an AA bet placed, the odds could be as follows: A straight or lower could have odds of 7:1, whereas a Flush could have odds of (20:1), a Full House (30:1), 4 of a kind (40:1), a Straight Flush (50:1) and the Royal Flush will remain the same at 100:1.

Having the side bet is quite advantageous, because the rewards are so much better when you win and to place an AA bet doesn't have to cost you much. If you have enough bankroll, always place the AA bet as well as your regular Ante.

If you hit a semi decent hand when the flop comes out, you must see out the hand and carry on betting. It would be a mistake to fold. You mustn't forget that it's only your hand against the dealers, so you have a fairly decent chance of winning, especially if your hole cards are good and if the flop has also been kind to you.

If you only have a few dollars to spare, perhaps give this game a miss until you have enough collateral to cover a few hands. Chasing a hand doesn't always pay off either, so get used to laying down your cards and try not to just throw your money away.

Always check that you are of legal age to gamble before you even attempt to sign up. The age limit varies around the world and generally ranges between 18 and 21. If you are not of legal age in the country that you are trying to sign up from, you basically won’t get past this initial registration process.

Online casino application forms all look slightly different, but each one requires the same kind of details. You will have to enter your full name and also register your email address with them. You are generally asked (somewhere on the application form) whether or not you would like to receive news and promotional offers via email. You can either check or uncheck this box to opt in or out of receiving this.

You must then create a unique username that you can never change, so make it a good one. This generally has to be between 6 and 20 characters and will be case sensitive. If this username doesn’t already exist at the casino, you will then need to create a new password. Both username and password must be entered each time you want to sign into your online casino account. You may also need to enter your username if you ever contact the support.

As an added measure of security, you will also be asked to type your own security question or choose one from the list and try to remember the answer, just in case you ever forget your account password and need to retrieve a new one.

The next few lines could be for entering your house address and contact numbers such as a landline or cell phone number. There is usually a rule with most online gambling portals that you are only allowed to register one account-per-household. If your country doesn’t allow online gambling, you probably won’t make it past this stage because your country simply will not appear in the list of countries. You cannot skip this because your address is a required field.

The next information that you must enter will be the actual currency that you would prefer to play in and if you have a promotional/coupon code or a referral code, you should be able to enter it here. Once entered, your bonus will be activated and you will receive some kind of confirmation that the code has been accepted.

When you have entered all of the details, click to proceed and then your new account should automatically open, providing you have supplied them with the correct details. To verify your account and start spending real cash, you may also need to send in a copy of an energy bill and perhaps a scanned copy of your driver’s license or passport.

This could take up to 48 hours, but once you have been verified you can then visit the cashier and choose from one of the secure banking methods to make your first deposit.