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The majority of reviews sites and gambling information portals are in fact reputable sites that are generally very helpful and contain factual information. Granted, some of the sites that you may have visited could contain inaccurate information that you know for sure isn’t true. This could be down to several different reasons.

Perhaps the site doesn’t update its information regularly, which is why some of the facts could become dated. There may even be some sites where the information is basically never updated, so players will inevitably spot discrepancies when cross-referencing the reviews with other websites.

The best thing to do if you are looking to find out about a particular online casino is to read as many reviews as possible and a clear picture will begin to emerge. Most reviews will contain the proper facts and the latest information regarding the promotional offers and the review site may even have the stamp of a certain organisation for being recognised as a secure information portal, but this stamp from certain trusted organisations isn’t always going to be there.

Most online casino review sites contain information about every area of the online casino, such as who owns it. This might reveal that the operators own a string of trusted online casinos or they may be a new company that is just staring out. The reviews also tend to point out where the casino is licensed and there will also be information on the welcome bonus and perhaps brief details on other promotions that might currently be running.

Other things that you are likely to find out from a review are the types of currencies that are accepted and the different banking methods that the casino has, including the types of credit and debit cards they accept, whether players can deposit/withdraw using e-wallets/prepaid cards etc. and one of the main things almost every review will pick up on is the type of software that is used and whether it is a downloadable casino or a non-downloadable Flash casino.

A review will also explain a little bit about the type of customer service that the casino provides and will reveal whether or not they offer live chat or just email and phone support. You may even be lucky enough to get the actual contact details and address, which is sometimes handy for future reference.

The reviews are generally quite short and contain all of the vital information that a player could need. Many of the reviews now also contain screenshots of the various sections of the casino and its games, which gives the players a glimpse of what the casino looks like.

When you sign up to an online casino today or an online poker site/bingo site etc., the only thing that may stop you from doing so during the application process could be that there is a discrepancy with your personal details (an honest mistake when filling out the application form).

It could also be that you are underage, or lastly, it could be because players from the country in which you are trying to sign up from are simply not allowed to register. This is called player location restriction and means that you won’t be able to sign up with them.

It may be that the country you live in won’t allow you to access the casino or the actual casino won’t allow players from your country. This will become clear during the application process, when you try to enter your house address. You could also view the casinos policies or check out their terms and conditions for further details.

Online casino review sites post information on each gambling portal and many of them include the various countries in which players can’t sign up from, but it’s always a good idea to check with the online casino as well, just to see whether or not the player location restrictions have changed.

The majority of players who tend to have the most difficulties when signing up to an online casino are US players. The laws vary a great deal from one state to the next, which is mainly why players find it difficult when signing up to an online casino. You may have even noticed on the homepage of many online casinos the words, “No US Players Accepted.”

These few helpful words can save players a great deal of time and effort, rather than wasting time by getting half way through the application process only to find out they are not allowed to sign up.

It is very rare to land on an online casino with absolutely no player location restrictions. Most have at least one or two restricted countries and some online casinos have too many restricted countries to list individually here. For example, an online casino may only accept players from the US, meaning that if you are based outside of the US and trying to sign up, you won’t have a chance.

There is also a popular UK gambling portal that currently only accepts players that are based in the UK, which is frustrating for players living outside of the UK who want to sign up. Certain countries also have fairly strict online gambling laws, which is the main reason why players can't register at certain gambling portals.

If you are ever unsure whether or not the country you live in is restricts you from playing at a casino and you can’t seem to find and information after searching through the main website, you should be able to find out by simply contacting their customer support.

This is an esteemed awards ceremony which has now been taking place annually for the past three years and Playtech was recognised for having the best in-class services and gaming products across each of their innovative platforms. They managed to scoop awards in four separate categories. The prestigious venue was held this year in the Atrium at the Wembley Stadium in London.

Playtech won the eGR awards for Best Slot Provider, Best Mobile Provider, Best Bingo Network and also for the Best Poker Network. This ceremony attracts many of the industry’s biggest online sportsbetting, casino and other internet gambling operators and software providers.

“It is a great honour to have been recognised at this prestigious event. Winning four eGR B2B Awards in four major categories is a testament to the strength and capabilities of Playtech’s products across the group, and our continued success in the industry depends on our delivering the best and latest technology of our licensees,” said the Chief Executive Officer for the group, Mor Weizer.

He went on to add, “eGR’s generous acknowledgement of our progress and efforts will strongly propel us forward in the coming year.”

This cross-platform gaming giant pioneered certain areas of the online gambling industry and since they established in 1999, Playtech has gone from strength to strength, which is evident in their innovative product. They have also become recognised in recent times for the top quality range of branded slots that can now be found in many of the world’s leading gambling portals.

This successful software developer is also now the world’s largest publicly traded online gambling software provider, featuring on the London Stock Exchange as PTEC.

In addition to these four awards at this year’s ceremony, a list of the other winners includes the following:

Sports Betting Supplier of the Year went to OpenBet. Poker Software of the Year went to Dragonfish. Best Customer Service of the Year went to Itex. Pantasia won the Best Recruiter of the Year. NetEntertainment (NetEnt) won the award for Innovation in Slot Provision and Scratchino won the Innovation in Mobile Award.

The Data Center of the Year award was won by Continent 8 Technologies. Fraud and Compliance Solution of the Year went to Experian. The Mobile Payment Solution of the Year went to OpenMarket. Ukash won the Payments Company of the Year award, GTECHG2 claimed two awards including the Lottery Software Supplier of the Year and also Bingo Supplier of the Year, while Microgaming were not left out and won the RNG Casino Supplier of the Year award.

There are so many online casinos now available for players to choose from. Fortunately for UK players, most of the online gambling portals stem from leading high street bookmakers such as Coral, Ladbrokes, Victor Chandler, Betfred, William Hill and various others. The list goes on. This makes it easy for players to trust, because players already recognise the brand name.

Most other independent online casinos are just as trustworthy but it’s naturally more difficult for players to instantly trust these websites, especially the new online casinos. This is purely because many of them have no history or proven track record for being known as a secure portal. In this case, players can check for other tell-tale signs, which should reveal whether or not they intend to rip you off. For example, you can look out for certain credentials that they should have.

Each online casino goes through various stages before they can become a legal gambling website. The logos of these various organisations that allow these operators to do such a thing like the licensing jurisdiction (from which they are licensed) should clearly be visible somewhere on the Homepage or in the About Us section.

Other major logos that you should look out for are Gambleaware, which is an organisation that tries to promote sensible gambling. Most reputable UK websites display this logo and when a player clicks on it, you will be redirected in a new tab to this organisation’s main website.

There are also other clickable logos to look out for such as Technical Systems Testing (TST), the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA), thawte, GAMCARE, and various other organisations’ logos. The more online casinos that you visit, you should begin to recognise similar logos present in many of them.

There are other logos of testing agencies that may be present but if you are ever unsure about a site, all you have to do visit the actual website of where the casino claims to be licensed. For example, if an online casino claims to be licensed in Alderney, you can visit the Alderney Gambling Control Commission website to see if that online gambling portal is in fact licensed in that jurisdiction.

Carrying out these simple checks and doing your own research into scam online casinos will save a lot of heartache. As soon as word gets about that an online casino is dodgy or rogue in some way, it doesn’t take long for them to start appearing in forums and at other reputable gambling information portals.

There are several different types of progressive jackpot games and this means that the prize structures tend to vary a great deal. This is usually determined by the type of game you are playing on and in which casino you are playing at.

There are some games that are connected to a wide progressive jackpot network with millions of people that are all playing for one prize. This is how some of the jackpots reach such large amounts, plus there are also those that have much smaller jackpots. These smaller progressive jackpot prizes generally start at zero from the moment you enter the game and will continue to climb from then on. These are not usually connected to a wider network and therefore the prizes generally don’t climb too high.

If you win a relatively small progressive jackpot, this prize will almost certainly be paid out instantly, just like any other win of this size. However, the larger progressive jackpots may not be paid out as quite as quickly, which is quite common and is nothing to worry about.

Large jackpot games usually have prizes that start from somewhere in the region of $5,000 to $10,000, which will also climb until they are won. This often means that the prizes reach well into the millions.

If you happen to be one of those extremely lucky players who manages to take down a massive progressive jackpot, whether it’s while playing progressive Caribbean Stud poker, progressive video poker or on one of the numerous progressive jackpot slots, you will more than likely be contacted by either the management or even the actual owner of the online casino for various different reasons.

The casino owner may want to congratulate you, plus there may even be publicity protocols, especially if you receive a substantial win of more than $1,000,000 or so. The casino accounts manager may also try to get hold of you (if they offer this personalised service to their registered members) and this will basically be to advise you on the best way to transfer the funds to you, while trying to limit fees and charges.

In addition to this, your win may also need to be independently verified, along with your personal details etc. This verification process will depend on the size and nature of your win.

This is standard procedure at most reputable gambling portals and could mean that you will have to wait an extra one or two more days before receiving your winnings, so don’t start to panic if it hasn’t arrived as cashable funds straight after winning.

The first live dealer casino launched as recently as 2006 and since this first one became available, various others immediately started popping up. Most of today’s leading gambling portals now have Live Dealer casinos available for registered members only and to access them, most will require that you install a download client. Downloading this will grant you access to their interactive live dealer casino.

A live dealer casino is exactly what the title suggests. Players can log in to the casino lobby, but instead of the games being played over virtual tables with animated graphics, the games are actually played on real tables with real life croupiers dealing the cards. In addition to the real tables, there may also be a virtual area displaying the results on the screen in front of you, to make the cards more visible to the player.

You may also see plenty of other clickable in-play options displayed on the screen, similar to what you would normally find at most online casinos such as sound and quality settings, plus a cashier, help or support section. Upon launching a live dealer game, you should be able to hear the dealers talking to you in real-time and wishing you luck etc. There may also be a chat box as well, enabling you to interact with other players who may also be playing the same game or watching the same game as you.

If for example you are playing in a Live Dealer casino that is powered by either Playtech or Microgaming, whichever Playtech or Microgaming powered casino you are playing in, you will notice that the dealers will all be the same because they are both part of massive cross platform networks, each one powering various gambling portals around the world, not just one website.

The world’s most trusted live dealer casinos are broadcast from secure locations, providing you with professionally trained and experienced dealers. Many of the Live Dealer casinos are actually streamed to your operating system from locations in Ireland, where they are all fully licensed to do so. Players can even choose which dealer’s table they would like to visit. The majority of the dealers are glamorous, well-dressed women and they even come from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds.

These online casinos are perfectly secure and they also provide other games in their lobbies (not just live dealer games) such as slots, video pokers, arcade games, scratchies and much more. If you are looking to experience the best of what modern online casinos have to offer, live dealers casinos are certainly one of the best ways to do this.

They are about as close as you can get to a real life casino without actually having to go to a real land based casino. Live dealer casinos are extremely convenient and are well worth checking out if you have never experienced one before.

Players usually end up disappointed when trying to benefit from an online casino bonus because they were not fully aware of the terms and conditions for that particular bonus. It’s always a good idea to actually thoroughly read through the T’s and C’s and not just skim through them.

It is quite often the case the players are simply unaware of the playthrough requirements (which are otherwise known as wagering requirements) that must be completed in order to fully benefit from most online casino bonuses. Most of the time these wagering requirements are not met, which means that many players do not receive their entire bonus.

Wagering requirements basically expect players to spend X amount of cash within X amount of time, but not everyone has enough time to complete these playthrough requirements, so the bonus is often not fully received.

Online casino bonuses come in all different forms and most of the time players will receive their bonuses one way or another, whether it’s a no-deposit bonus, cash back bonus or matching deposit bonus. However, some players may feel as though they have been let down in some way.

If you feel as though you have been let down in some way and you believe that the casino in which you are signed up to hasn’t been fair, you should make an effort to contact the casino customer support. This network of support is there to help you and they should actively try to resolve your issue.

You will find that if they (the casino) have made a mistake, most of the highly respected and well-known online casinos will reimburse you somehow and they may sometimes even offer you an additional bonus to compensate for their mistake.

This complementary bonus could be several free spins for one of their slots, perhaps a free bet, or in rarer cases you may even be offered a small cash bonus. If the casino is legitimate and fully licensed, players are guaranteed to have some kind of protection and backing when trying to resolve an issue but the same cannot be said of an unregulated or unlicensed online casino.

If you are trying to deal with an online casino bonus dispute at an unregulated online casino, the chances are that the support will not be as helpful and they will certainly not reimburse you with any kind of additional bonus. These online gambling portals really should be avoided at all costs, because they offer little in the way of player protection and the support are often less than helpful.

Most reputable online casinos today offer support in the form of live chat, email support or by telephone. Contacting this support to begin with is the best way to deal with an online casino bonus dispute.