Bingo enthusiast can visit almost any online casino today and find bingo in the lobby. There may only be one or two different versions of the game available, but this is generally enough to wet the appetite of most bingo fans.

If this isn't enough though, players can now sign up to one of many different websites that are entirely dedicated towards bingo. These popular bingo portals have recently started popping up and most of them don't require a download.

There are two main types of bingo, including both 75 ball and 90 ball variations. Playing the game online is simple and even if you are new, there's no need to worry because the rules are always easy to find and quite clear to understand. The idea is to purchase one or more bingo boards (some players call them cards or tickets) and then wait for the numbers to be randomly drawn as soon as the game starts.

As the numbers are being drawn, you will have to mark them off from your board of numbers. You will either win a prize for completing a line/row before any other players and there will also be a prize (the top prize) for completing a full house (matching all of the numbers) before any other player.

You can purchase a ticket at most bingo websites from as low as $0.01 (or equivalent currency). The more expensive tickets can cost you up to $5.00 or more and you can usually purchase as many tickets as you like. It doesn't matter if you have never played before because most bingo software now comes with an Auto Daub feature.

This feature basically checks the numbers off for you so that you don't miss any. This is a great feature that enables you to purchase as many tickets as possible every time. Obviously if you have only purchased one ticket and you want to have fun, you won't need this feature switched on. The auto daub feature is for the diehard bingo players.

Once you have chosen the tickets that you like the look of, you will then be ready to play the game. Most games online (wherever you are playing) take place every 3 to 5 minutes throughout the day so there's always some action available to take part in. Bingo remains one of the most online gambling games and it is now widely available for players around the world.